Working with a team that combines strong industry experience with technical know-how, we reinvent our business and turn growing obstacles into opportunities. To encourage more women to perform this lifesaving test on a regular basis, we put our consumers’ needs at the center of our product design.

Operational Excellence

Our target is to deliver up to 50% efficiency by reducing preparation and administration activities for both clients and doctors – enabled by our innovative design and smart technology.

Global Epidemic

Around the world, particularly in rural areas, developing, and 3rd world countries, survivability rates plummet by 20%. This is a direct reflection of the ability of healthcare systems to meet the needs of women in remote and economically depressed areas.

Survey Results

Women in different ages and locations were asked whether they are confident if they can perform the PapEasy test on their own at home, if they are instructed properly and adequately?

Higher Efficiency

It takes in average 5 hours (300 minutes), including transportation & reception time, for a woman with a relatively easy access to medical facilities to get cervical cancer screened.

Unique Solution

Next generation design powered by decades of clinical expertise, means PapEasy will deliver on its promise. Women around the world have been asking for exactly what PapEasy delivers for generations. Now is the time.

Safe & Comfortable

The flexible catheter is made from medical grade, hypoallergenic materials and it is designed to contour comfortably for any woman’s unique body shape.

Accurate & Easy To Use

PapEasy App with Bluetooth with WiFi connectivity, (as well as full offline functionality), will pair with the PapEasy device, and provide a seamless control experience and Branded UX.

Accessibility & Effectiveness

Beyond retail clinical applications, PapEasy can be deployed in environments doctors cannot, and will provide clinical level screening efficacy.

Important Facts

Doctors alone can’t eliminate cervical cancer, simply because we can’t be everywhere at once, or even see every patient who needs to be seen. Technologies like PapEasy are the future of providing cutting edge gynecological care to women around the world. Where so many other fields are seeing a revolution in what’s possible, Women, and Gynecology, can’t be left behind.

Every year over 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide. Experts believe that the real numbers are over a million women each year

The #2 Killer! Cervical cancer survival rates are among the highest of all cancers, yet cervical cancer is the number two killer among the cancers in women.

Cervical cancer kills more than 250,000 women every year. Due to the lack of an effective global reporting framework, this number can be much higher!

There are over 3 and a half billion women in the world, over 1 billion falling into the age ranges where Pap testing is recommended every 1-3 years. Age range 20 – 65

$75,000 – $120,000 The average annual medical cost of cervical cancer varies widely depending on the phase of treatment. A big loss that can be avoided!

90% of Cervical Cancer deaths occur in less developed regions where access to medical testing & care is limited.

What if a Pap Test could be performed
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