90% of Cervical Cancer and STD deaths occur in less developed regions where access to medical testing and care is limited.

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Cervical Cancer Deaths

Global Epidemic

Around the world, particularly in rural areas, developing, and 3rd world countries, survivability rates plummet by 20%.  This is a direct reflection of the ability of healthcare systems to meet the needs of women in remote and economically depressed areas. In many areas, access to the necessary care isn’t limited. All the same, there are numerous reasons women choose to either postpone screening or skip it all together. Like most preventative healthcare, the perceived benefits simply don’t outweigh the objections.


I Don’t Have Time/Money

In office screenings are expensive, and often require insurance, as well as time away from work, home, and hobbies.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Me

Waiting to screen until there is a problem is how women die of preventable diseases.

This is Embarrassing

Stirrups, speculum, strangers, and sterile office environments add up to an avoidance attitude.

I Had/Heard About A Bad Experience

The level of discomfort involved makes choosing to be screened regularly highly unlikely.

Lack of Access/Accessibility

In developing countries and rural areas, access to physicians and clinical facilities limits the access of huge populations of women.