Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Customer experience, Efficiency & Effectiveness

Our goal is to increase efficiency by up to 50% by reducing preparation and administration activities for both clients and doctors, which is made possible by our innovative design and smart technology.

Engaging women's perspectives as patients and medical experts in the core design of PapEasy ensures a more effective way and solution to encourage women worldwide to get cervical cancer screened more frequently!

The Cervical Self Screen System

Why PapEasy

Customer Experience

According to our recent survey results, Full Privacy, Speed, Safety, Economy & Accuracy were the 5 top values selected by the participants in our PapEasy survey – women age 20 - 65. PapEasy has both Medical & End-User oriented design at Heart!


90% of Cervical Cancer deaths occur in less developed regions where access to medical testing & care is limited. PapEasy portable design can solve this issue by enabling field mass-testing possibilities!


PapEasy aims to deliver up to 50% efficiency for both clients and medical experts by reducing preparation and administration activities